Why adopt a Goals curriculum?

Goal setting and monitoring is an effective strategy to build trust and promote greater longitudinal client engagement.

Eliciting goals and accompanying action steps can provide insight into what motivates an individual to more actively participate in self-care.

Goal setting and monitoring can be incorporated into staff performance expectations and providing such a curriculum can serve as an investment in staff retention.

During the Goals Training Staff Will Learn:

The advantages of goal setting

Proven strategies for fostering goal achievement

The distinction between goals and action steps and how both are essential

The relationship between goals and self-care of chronic conditions

Monitoring progress and overcoming obstacles

Practical consideration

Complementary communication skills

Interested in our state of the art Goals Curriculum training?

Contact our expert training team to learn how our Goals Curriculum can be customized to meet the growing needs of your organization and clients.

The Care Transitions Program® Goals Curriculum includes:

Web-based training experience that emphasizes active learning.

Digital certificate of completion for all staff who successfully complete training.

PLEASE NOTE: The Goals Curriculum training is a standalone learning experience that is distinct from the Care Transitions Intervention training.

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PLEASE ALSO NOTE: The Goals Curriculum training experience is purchased by an organization for its employees.   It is not available to individuals.  In contrast, the Care Transitions Intervention training experience can be purchased by an organization for up to 35 employees on-site, for an unlimited number of employees who travel to Aurora (Denver) Colorado, or by an individual who travels to Aurora (Denver) Colorado.