Your Personal Health Record

Many patients and family caregivers have found a Personal Health Record helpful in organizing important health information including medications, health conditions, and questions for your doctor. Keep this tool updated and take it with you to every medical appointment.

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How to use a Personal Health Record

You may already have a written plan for organizing and updating your health information and medications—if it is working well for you we encourage you to continue. However if you do not have a plan, you might consider using a Personal Health Record or PHR. The PHR is designed to be helpful to you but we have learned that the information you include will also be helpful to your health care team.

The sections of the PHR guide you to include information that may help your health care team meet your needs and we encourage you to bring and share it at each visit. In particular, the medication list should reflect what you actually take (instead of what someone told you to take but you do not). An important area in the PHR is a place for you to write in your personal goal that lets everyone know what is most important to you as you recover and improve.

Click the button below to download your own Personal Health Record. When printing, select double-sided printing, then fold the booklet in the middle.

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