What is a Transitions Coach®?

The Transitions Coach® is key to encouraging the patient and family caregiver to assume a more active role in their care. The Transitions Coach® does not fix problems and does not provide skilled care though she or he possesses these skills from prior health professional training.

Rather, Transitions Coaches® model and facilitate new behaviors, skill transfer, and communication strategies for patients and families to build confidence that they can successfully respond to common problems that arise during care transitions. The patient's goal drives the agenda.

Thus the role of the Transitions Coach® is to promote more effective care transitions through improved self-management skills, and enhanced patient-provider communication.

The Transitions Coach in Action®

If you would like to better understand the role of the Transitions Coach®, we invite you to watch one or more of these vignettes.

Coaching Interaction 1

Coaching Interaction 2

Coaching Interaction 3

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