Those Who Attend Our Training Say...

"Immediate, 1-on-1 feedback from trainers was very helpful."

"The process is initially scary coming from a nursing background, but I have a better understanding that having the patient advocate for themselves is more helpful for them in the long run."

"Content was extensive and complete. Incorporating the practice sessions was a great way to learn for ourselves and with others' feedback."

Health Care Leaders Say...

"We have sustained a decrease in hospital 30-day readmissions from 21.9% to 13.3% in a14 month period of time."

“Implementing the CTI® has helped us decrease hospital readmissions, reduce hospital penalties, and increase patient and employee satisfaction.”

"I have enjoyed the monthly learning calls and hearing about how programs have advanced in offering CTI®."

Patients Say...

"My Transitions Coach® has helped me to feel more confident in managing my heart condition. I feel as though I am in charge of my health and I am less reliant on others."

Health care services for improving quality care and safety of patients during transitions across care settings