As a patient or family caregiver, there are several steps you can take to help you be a more informed and effective member of the care team during the transition back home after hospitalization. By knowing what to expect, you may be able to avoid health care complications and re-hospitalization.

doctor pushing a patient in a wheelchair-through the hallway of a hospital

Leaving the Hospital: What you must know

Learn the necessary “survival skills” for leaving the hospital. Read our guide to a successful discharge from hospital care.

women sitting at table looking down with her hands on her head

Red Flags

Do you know how to spot warning signs of worsening health and what to do when you spot them?

patient in hospital bed looking through-a-paper-booklet labled personal health record

Using your Personal Health Record (PHR)

Many patients and family caregivers have found a Personal Health Record helpful in organizing important health information.

elderly man pouring pills from a pill bottle in to his hand

Managing your

Learn simple tips on how to effectively manage your medication and avoid unnecessary errors.

Are you a Health Care Professional?

If you are a health professional and would like to learn more about training and tools for professionals please click here.

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Health care services for improving quality care and safety of patients during transitions across care settings