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Centered Care Transitions
Under the direction of Eric A. Coleman, MD, MPH, the Care Transitions Program® will help you manage risk and empower patients during care hand-overs.


reduction in hospital readmissions

When organizations are trained by the Care Transitions Program® and follow model fidelity, they can expect reductions in readmission rate of 20-50% (reduction depends on current readmission rate). Reducing readmissions can also improve your CMS Star rating.


net saving per Transitions Coach®

An Independent evaluator estimates a $110 PMPM cost savings.


Patients meeting or exceeding self-identified personal care goals

The majority of patient goals reflect better quality of life and improved functional status.


Are you a patient, friend or family caregiver?

As a patient or family caregiver, there are several steps you can take to be a more informed and effective member of the care team during the transition back home after hospitalization. Visit our patients and caregivers website specially designed to provide practical guides and tools for making your transition a successful one.

Visit the CTP® website for
patients and caregivers

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Health care services for improving quality care and safety of patients during transitions across care settings